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    Bureau of Juvenile Justice Services

    The Bureau of Juvenile Justice Services (BJJS) is responsible for the management, operations, program planning and oversight of all the youth development center/youth forestry camp facilities. These facilities are designed to provide state-of-the-art treatment, care and custody services to Pennsylvania’s most at-risk youth.

    The youth entrusted to our care are male and female adolescents who have been adjudicated delinquent by their county judicial system. From the time of referral, we ensure that every youth receives individualized treatment services based on his/her strengths and needs. BJJS treatment services value strong child, family and community partnerships, promote competency development and victim awareness, while advocating for the continued improvement and integration of all child-serving systems.

    All aspects of the BJJS facilities are based on the Restorative Justice concept thereby ensuring that all the facility programs provide equal attention to the victim, the youth, and the community.

    The BJJS is committed to supporting the building of strong communities and serving as a model for juvenile justice services, while fostering hope and the opportunity for success.


    Michael Pennington, Director
    Bureau of Juvenile Justice Services
    Tel: 717-787-9532