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    HIV/AIDS Information

    The Office of Medical Assistance Programs administers and operates three HIV/AIDS specific programs.

    The AIDS Waiver Program is a federally-approved special program which allows the commonwealth of Pennsylvania to provide certain home and community-based services not provided under the regular fee-for-service program to persons with symptomatic HIV disease or AIDS.

    The Special Pharmaceutical Benefits Program (SPBP) is a program for low and moderate income individuals and families that helps pay for specific drug therapies used for the treatment of persons with HIV/AIDS (Pennsylvania's AIDS Drug Assistance Program) or a DSM IV diagnosis for schizophrenia.

    The Targeted Case Management Program is a program that provides targeted medical assistance clients with access to comprehensive medical and social services to encourage the cost effective use of medical care and community resources, while ensuring the client's freedom of choice and promoting the well-being of the individual.

    Other Resources:

    The Pennsylvania Prevention Project, Department of Infectious Diseases and Microbiology, University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health (GSPH) has developed a Web site to facilitate the dissemination of accurate, state-of-the-art prevention and education information to people at risk of HIV infection.