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    Loysville Youth Development Center

    Loysville Youth Development Center (LYDC) provides programming for adjudicated delinquent males. It is located in Perry County, approximately 34 miles northwest of Harrisburg. Each of its living areas is designated for a specific client need. The facility utilizes a Stages of Change approach that emphasizes the importance of therapeutic relationships paired with the use of effective treatments matched to the youth's readiness for change.

    Specific programs are available to address youth with serious emotional disturbance (STAR Cottage), young and immature youth (Allegheny Cottage), youth with lower cognitive functioning (Williams Cottage), youth with serious substance abuse issues (ZB Cottage), youth in need of educational remediation (Juniata Cottage), youth who are in need of more structure (East Penn Cottage), and youth who have more serious violent delinquent histories that require a secure environment (LSTU).

    East Penn Cottage serves asocial youth who lack basic social and independent living skills.

    Juniata Cottage offers Hazelden’s Living in Balance curriculum, which addresses substance abuse and daily living skills in an effort to promote abstinence and independent, functional living.

    STAR Cottage utilizes a mix of milieu therapy, individual therapy, family therapy, and group therapy built from a core curriculum that they personally developed. This program draws on principles from cognitive-behavioral and family dynamics.

    Williams Cottage serves borderline mentally retarded delinquent youth and offers programs to assist youth in improving social, interpersonal, and behavioral skills.

    ZB Cottage fosters a therapeutic community environment that helps facilitate change through milieu therapy in addition to individual and group therapies. The core of the program is built on Hazelden’s New Directions curriculum, which is a cognitive-behavioral treatment program designed to simultaneously treat substance abuse issues and delinquent behavior.

    Loysville Secure Treatment Unit is a secure unit located on the grounds of the LYDC that provides a program of assorted services designed to address the individualized treatment issues along with learning and displaying appropriate pro-social behavior. Each youth’s progress is monitored by a relational development system which provides structure and motivation by setting expectations, allowing youth to earn privileges, and providing them with a visual of their own progress.

    Additional services include the Susquehanna Counseling Center which provides group counseling services to address anger management, delinquency, and job readiness. Additionally, the counseling center provides individual and group therapies for substance abuse, victims of abuse (physical, emotional, and sexual), and other specialized treatment needs.

    A limited number of youth are afforded an opportunity to participate in paid work training programs that enable restitution to be paid.

    The educational program at LYDC is provided through the Capital Area Intermediate Unit (CAIU) The school provides a number of meaningful programs for our youth. One such program prepares youth for employment in food services. This comprehensive program teaches not only how to prepare food, but also how to conduct the operations of a restaurant while meeting health codes.