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    Youth Forestry Camp No 2

    Youth Forestry Camp #2 is located within Hickory Run State Park in Carbon County. It is an open residential facility for adjudicated delinquent male youth. The youth committed to this program typically have either violated probation or been adjudicated with one or more drug-related, property-related and/or minor violent offenses.

    Youth Forestry Camp #2 offers youth opportunities for on-site and off-site internships in several areas. Employment opportunities at the facility allow youth to earn money to pay restitution costs. Opportunities to learn vocational trades through work training, classroom instruction and supervised restorative projects in the community are also available.

    Additionally, youth are offered opportunities to participate in a wide range of supervised projects, such as pheasant raising in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Game Commission, horticulture, fish stocking in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, community clean-up, community organization assistance and local zoo maintenance.

    Educational services are provided by the Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit. Each youth spends half of his day learning academic subjects such as math, science and English.