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    Youth Forestry Camp No 3

    Youth Forestry Camp #3 (YFC #3) provides programming for adjudicated delinquent male youth. It is located in Huntingdon County and promotes positive change within a safe and open environment.

    Three distinct programs within YFC #3 promote consistent expectations, behavioral management techniques, treatment workshop curriculums and esteem-building activities. These programs include:

    B-Dorm Residential Program provides open programming to youth and is approximately six months in duration.

    First Step Program provides programming for adjudicated delinquent youth through a 12-week intensive program designed for youth with histories of substance abuse and/or involvement in a sub-culture with a substance component. The program combines individual and group behavioral counseling, skill-building workshops, esteem-building group activities and Hazelden’s "New Directions" curriculum.

    Project Self Program provides programming to adjudicated delinquent youth through an eight-week high impact program designed to prepare youth for return to their home communities with improved competencies, self assuredness, a greater understanding of the impact they can have on their environment and an awareness of more positive social choices in life. Project Self integrates many esteem-building opportunities in an outdoor group living environment. Youth undergo physical challenges and are encouraged to conquer their fears.

    The Tuscarora Intermediate Unit #11 provides YFC #3’s educational program through competency-based individualized instruction, on-site vocational training, and opportunities to earn GED/Diplomas. SAT testing is also available.