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    LIFE (Living Independence for the Elderly)

    An option that allows the elderly to live independently on their own while receiving services and supports that meet the health and personal needs of the individual.

    Living Independence for the Elderly (LIFE) is a managed care program that provides a comprehensive all-inclusive package of medical and supportive services. The program is known nationally as the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE). All of the PACE providers in Pennsylvania have the name ‘LIFE’ in their name. The first programs were implemented in Pennsylvania in 1998.

    To be eligible for LIFE, you must:

    • Be age 55 or older
    • Meet the level of care needs for a skilled nursing facility or a special rehabilitation facility
    • Meet the financial requirements as determined by your local County Assistance Office or be able to privately pay 
    • Reside in an area served by a LIFE provider
    • Be able to be safely served in the community as determined by a LIFE provider

    Services available to you under the LIFE provider include:

    • Adult Day Health Services 
    • Audiology Services
    • Dental Services
    • Emergency Care
    • End of Life Services
    • Hospital and Nursing Facility Services
    • In-home Supportive Care
    • Lab and X-ray Services
    • Meals
    • Medical and Non-medical Transportation
    • Medical Specialists
    • Optometry Services and Eyeglasses
    • Nursing and Medical Coverage 24/7
    • Nursing Care
    • Personal Care
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapies
    • Primary Medical Care
    • Recreational and Socialization Activities
    • Social Services
    • Specialized Medical Equipment

    To find a LIFE Provider in your area, click here, or call the toll free Long-Term Living Helpline: 1-800-753-8827

    LIFE Provider Forms and Guidelines

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