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    Specialized Services

    If you are a nursing facility resident, Specialized Services may be available to help you. This service provides training, encouragement, and other tangible supports, which could enable you to acquire, regain, improve, or maximize your skills and abilities, to live a more productive and satisfying life as close to home as possible.

    To be eligible for Specialized Services, you must:

    • Be a nursing facility resident
    • Have other related condition(s) occurring before the age of 22 as mandated by the Federal Nursing Home Reform Act (OBRA 87) and provided as agreed to in the Richardson Settlement Agreement
      • Other related conditions (ORCs) include physical, sensory, or neurological disabilities which manifested before age 22, are likely to continue indefinitely, and result in substantial functional limitations in three or more of the following areas of major life activity:
        • capacity for independent living
        • mobility
        • self-direction
        • learning
        • understanding and use of language
        • self-care

    Additional eligibility requirements may apply.

    Services that may be available to you include:

    • Community integration activities
    • Consumer training
    • Equipment/assessment
    • Peer counseling and support groups
    • Supports coordination and advocacy
    • Transportation services


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