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    Annual Program Service Review

    The Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare’s Office of Children, Youth and Families is the state agency that is responsible to lead, plan, direct, and coordinate statewide children’s programs including social services provided directly by County Children and Youth Agencies and department's Bureau of Juvenile Justice Services through the youth development centers and youth forestry camps. The Office of Children Youth and Families is responsible for the development of the State’s Child and Family Services Plan.

    Title IV-B Part 1 funds for child welfare services are distributed to all 67 County Children and Youth Agencies based on the number of children served in each county. The counties fund child welfare services that are within the state-specified guidelines. The state guidelines direct the county agencies to use these funds for in-home services, (excluding child protective services and general protective services), community-based and institutional services (excluding secure facilities) that are not funded with Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, Medicaid or Title IV-E funds.

    Pennsylvania’s Annual Progress and Services Report for fiscal year 2011 was approved by the federal Administration for Children and Families on Sept. 8, 2010 and is now posted on the Department of Public Welfare’s website at this hyperlink:

    2011 Annual Program Service Review

    To request a copy of any of the appendices from the below list, please contact us.

    Attachment A – Acronyms
    Attachment B – Quality Improvement Committee Members List
    Attachment C – Quality Improvement Committee Purpose Statement
    Attachment D – 5-Year Matrix
    Attachment E – Child Welfare Training Program Model
    Attachment F – Random Moment Time Study Allocation
    Attachment G – Allocation Methodology
    Attachment H – Court Improvement Project
    Attachment I – ChildLine Disaster Plan
    Attachment I.1 – Hillcrest Evacuation Plan
    Attachment J – Short Form 269 Caseworker Visits
    Attachment K – CFS 101 Part 1
    Attachment L – CFS 101 Part 2
    Attachment M – Training Courses 4th Quarter Submission
    Attachment M.1 – Training Course Templates
    Attachment N – CFS 101 Part 3
    Attachment O – CFS 101 Revised Budget Request
    Attachment P – Short Form 269 Subpart 1
    Attachment P.1 – Short Form 269 Subpart 2
    Attachment Q – Short Form 269 Chafee Foster Care Independence Program
    Attachment R – Short Form 269 Education and Training Vouchers
    Attachment S – Short Form 269 Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act
    Attachment T – Caseworker Visit Reporting Requirements
    Attachment U – Caseworker Visit Quarterly Report Format
    Attachment V – Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment Schedule and Coding Matrix
    Attachment W – Act 33
    Attachment X – Disaster Plan
    Attachment Y – Youth Advisory Board
    Attachment Z – Caseworker Visit Program Improvement Plan
    Attachment AA – 2008 Annual Child Abuse Report
    Attachment BB – Ages and Stages Proposal A
    Attachment CC – Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act Status Report
    Attachment DD - Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act State Plan
    Attachment EE – Health Care Coordination Workgroup
    Attachment FF – Pennsylvania Children’s Roundtable Structure
    Attachment GG – Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts’ Guiding Principles
    Attachment HH – Permanency Practice Initiative and National Governor’s Association County Map
    Attachment II – New Certification for Chafee Foster Care Independence Program