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    Facilitating Part D Enrollment with Wellpoint-Anthem

    Medicare Part D Facilitated Enrollment Program

    When you call Wellpoint/Anthem at 1-800-662-0210 you will hear the following greeting followed by several prompts

    "Thank you for calling the Anthem prescription pharmacy help desk. Please listen carefully as our options have changed. This line is for pharmacies and physicians only. If you are a member, please hang up and dial the number on the back of your card."

    If you are a pharmacist or physician calling about Medicare Part D-Facilitated Enrollment - you are prompted to press the pound (#) key. You will then hear the following pre-recorded message and instructions:

    "Facilitated enrollment is for potential dual eligible beneficiaries where auto enrollment has not yet occurred. Before processing these claims, please make sure you submit your E-1 transaction to find if the patient has been auto-enrolled in a Part D plan. If your E-1 is unsuccessful, please use the following process:

    • Make sure you are submitting BIN Number 610575 and PCN Number CMSDUAL01.
    • Please do not submit a group number in your transaction. These claims can only be processed for a 14 day supply.
    • This process uses information from the inbound claim to create the member eligibility record. This submission must contain all required fields on the patient segment.
    • You can refer to your facilitated enrollment payer sheet for those required fields.
    • Also, the HICN must be submitted as the card holder ID on the insurance segment.
    • If you are not able to complete certain fields in your system, please contact your software help desk or system*s administrator for assistance.
    • You can also view the payer sheet and frequently asked questions on this process at
    • To repeat this message Press 8"

    (There are no prompts to return to the main menu or to speak to a representative. The call terminates. To speak to a representative you must call back, listen to the greeting and list of prompts, and then remain on the line for a representative to assist you.)

    For additional information on the Facilitated Enrollment program being administrated by Anthem Prescription Management go to: 

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