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    Information for LIHEAP Vendors

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    The LIHEAP Vendor Unit Helpline is available to fuel/utility vendors Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

    at 1-877-537-9517

    or by email at

    Note: The LIHEAP Vendor Unit Helpline is only able to resolve vendor-related issues.

    Individuals or customers with LIHEAP questions should call the LIHEAP Helpline at 1-866-857-7095.

    Program Information for the 2014/15 LIHEAP Season:

             2014/15 Season Open Letter


              Vendor Guidelines 2014-15

              Important Facts for Customers

              Vendor FAQs

    LIHEAP Vendor Agreement

    Final LIHEAP State Plan-FY 15


    USER-FRIENDLY LIHEAP FORMS: (Complete then print)

    LIHEAP Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Application Form: To enroll, stop or change direct deposit.

    LIHEAP Program Refund Form: Necessary to return funds to the Commonwealth of PA.



      Becoming a LIHEAP Vendor


    LIHEAP vendors are defined as any business that provides home heating fuel or supplies energy. This could be fuel oil, kerosene, blended fuel (50/50 mix of fuel oil and kerosene), propane, bottled gas, wood or wood pellets, coal, electric or natural gas.

    Any vendor wishing to participate in the LIHEAP program is required to complete and sign a LIHEAP vendor agreement and return it to the Department of Public Welfare. Vendor agreements are renewed every 2 years.

             Prospective Vendor Letter

    When the Department receives your vendor agreement and enrolls you in the program, a LIHEAP Vendor Welcome Packet will be sent to your business which will include your 13 digit LIHEAP vendor number. Note: Vendors who are interested in becoming a LIHEAP vendor must agree to participate in both the cash and crisis program.

    Download and print a LIHEAP Vendor Agreement.

    Return the Agreement by fax at 717-231-5516, email at or mail to:

    P.O.Box 2675
    Harrisburg, PA 17105
    Attention: Vendor Unit


    Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

    EFT expedites the receipt of your LIHEAP payments by eliminating mail time and also preventing loss. LIHEAP vendors may choose to have LIHEAP payments deposited directly into a financial institution of their choice by completing the EFT application that is available for download.

    Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Electronic Funds Transfer Application Form

    The EFT form is user-friendly and may be completed online then printed and returned with a copy of a voided check by fax to 717-231-5516, by email at or by mail to:

    LIHEAP Vendor Unit
    P.O.Box 2675
    Harrisburg, PA 17105 


    LIHEAP Payment Voucher/Electronic Remittance Advice

    The LIHEAP Payment Voucher is also known as the Remittance Advice (RA). It is a weekly report that lists all of the customers who have been approved for a LIHEAP payment to your business during that week. On the LIHEAP Voucher, every customer is identified with an individual number. It is important to record this individual number within your internal customer tracking system and refer to it on the Refund Form when you need to return funds to the Commonwealth of PA.

    Vendors may choose to receive Vouchers/RA electronically via a secure website (SeGov) instead of waiting for them to arrive in the mail. For assistance with SeGov, please refer to the SeGov training powerpoint and the SeGov User Manual or contact the LIHEAP Vendor Helpline at 1-877-537-9517 or email


    Returning Funds to DPW

    LIHEAP funds never should be sent to customers or to the county assistance office.

    It is important to submit a LIHEAP Program Refund Form (PWEA 37) completed with the individual number that was indicated on the LIHEAP Payment Voucher when you originally received the payment. This is important to correctly identify the customers who are to receive credit. This form should accompany a check payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

    This user-friendly form can be completed online and printed or printed and completed with black ink.

    There are many circumstances in which a LIHEAP vendor may receive funds that will need to be returned to DPW.

    Some examples are:

    • Customer moves to a location the vendor does not serve.
    • Customer dies.
    • Customer requests a vendor change.
    • LIHEAP funds were sent to the wrong vendor.
    • Extended time frame for delivery of fuel/utility ends – see REMINDER below

    Vendors who have received LIHEAP funds in error or who have received money for households who are no longer customers must always return the money to DPW accompanied by a LIHEAP Program Refund Form.  DPW will assess and redistribute the funds, as appropriate. Complete and print the LIHEAP Program Refund form with your customer’s individual number (recorded on the LIHEAP Payment Voucher) and send it along with a check payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to the address printed on the form - Department of Public Welfare, Bureau of Commonwealth Accounting, Pennsylvania Office of the Budget, Comptroller Operations, 555 Walnut St., 9th Floor, Harrisburg, PA 17101.

    REMINDER: According to Condition 10 of your LIHEAP Vendor Agreement, “LIHEAP funds are available for use during a two-year period, which includes the year of receipt and the year immediately following. All LIHEAP funds which have not been expended on or before June 30 of the year immediately following the LIHEAP Program year in which benefits where authorized must be returned (refunded) to DPW by July 31 of that year.”

    Direct Questions about this process to the LIHEAP Vendor Helpline: 1-877-537-9517


    Submitting Crisis Claims in PROMISe™ 

    A PowerPoint presentation entitled “Crisis 101” has been created to explain Crisis data entry responsibilities to LIHEAP Vendors.

    LIHEAP vendors must initiate the payment of claims for LIHEAP Crisis authorizations and deliveries through data entry in the Provider Reimbursement and Operations Management System (PROMISe™) using Internet Explorer. PROMISe™ is a a secure data entry portal that initiates and validates Crisis submissions and sends them on for payment, PROMISe/LIHEAP Internet. PROMISe™ is available 24 hours a day. Vendors are able to view all their crisis authorizations and review all the claims they have submitted throughout the crisis season.

    NOTE: The PROMISe™ website will not allow data entry from an Apple product or access using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

    Data entry in PROMISe™ initiates the payment process. Proof of the delivery (Fuel) or shut off notification (utility) must be uploaded or submitted by fax or US Mail and attached to the data entry file before payment will be made.

    Options to submit documentation:

    1. The most efficient way to submit documentation for Crisis claims is by using the "Upload" option in PROMISe™. This feature allows you to immediately upload supporting documents that you have scanned and stored in your computer or flash drive directly to PROMISe™ in a PDF format. Uploading documentation saves time and ensures immediate receipt. Instructions on how to use the new upload feature in PROMISe™ is described in a PowerPoint training document. If you have questions about uploading documentation, contact the LIHEAP Vendor Unit at 1-877-537-9517 for assistance.
    1. If you prefer to fax or mail documentation, you must print the Crisis cover sheet that is displayed in PROMISe™ after each claim is initiated and mail or fax it with documentation such as delivery ticket/termination notice so that it can be attached to the claim that was initiated by your data entry.

    NOTE: If you are going to fax or mail documentation, simply disregard the upload buttons in PROMISe™.

    - Crisis Fax numbers: 717-207-7997 or 717-207-7994

    - Crisis mailing address: Department of Public Welfare, P.O. Box 69028, Harrisburg, PA 17106