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    Behavior Specialists

    Autism is a pervasive developmental disorder that affects behavioral and physical health. Children and adolescents diagnosed with autism need intervention early on to help treat the disorder and with the right kinds of supports, individuals can make substantive progress. Early and intensive behavioral intervention has repeatedly been proven to be the most effective treatment. Given that, as part of Act 62 the insurance mandate for autism services, there is a provision on the licensure of behavior specialists. The goal of the licensure for Behavior Specialists is to effectively license and create networks of effective specialists who will be able to evaluate and implement treatment plans for children with autism.

    Licensing requirements for Behavior Specialists are outlined in Act 62:

    • Has received a master's or higher degree from a board-approved accredited college or university in a related field of study;
    • Has completed relevant educational and training programs, including but not limited to professional ethics, autism specific trainings, assessments training, crisis intervention, and family collaboration;
    • Has at least one year of experience involving functional behavior assessments;
    • And has completed at least 1000 hours in direct clinical experience with individuals with behavior challenges or at least 1000 hours experience in a related field with individuals with autism spectrum disorders.

    The level of education and experience outlined in the regulations will allow for the establishment of diverse and effective networks to provide services for children with Autism.

    Behavior Specialist - DRAFT Preamble Proposed Regulations (June 2009)

    Behavior Specialist - DRAFT Annex Proposed Regulations (June 2009)

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