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    Adult Autism Waiver

    To view/download the latest version of the PA Adult Autism Waiver, click herePA Adult Autism Waiver

    To view/download the Quality Assurance Report for the Adult Autism Waiver, State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2010-2011, please click here: Adult Autism Waiver Quality Assurance Report

    Resources for Consumers & Families

    General Program Questions

    Eligibility Requirements

    Application Process

    Available Services

    Service Descriptions

    Information About Providers (for Consumers)
    Directory of Providers

    Services & Supports Directory on COMPASS

    Services & Supports Directory on the Virtual Training & Resource Center (in the “AAW General Information” section)

    Resources for Providers

    Frequently Asked Questions: Current and Potential Providers

    Provider Information Table CURRENT - 2012-2013 (PDF download)

    Provider Manual (PDF download)

    Provider Manual Appendices (PDF download) NOTE:  The Provider Information Table included in this document is NOT current.  Please click on the link above to access the current Provider Information Table. 

    Adult Autism Waiver Service Descriptions
    Additional Information

    Comparison of Medicaid Programs that Serve Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) (PDF download)

    Adult Autism Waiver - ACAP Comparison (PDF download)

    La Renuncia adulta del Autismo Hizo Con frecuencia Preguntas

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