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    MA Fee Schedules

    Search the Outpatient and Dental Fee Schedule Database

    Downloadable MA Program Outpatient Fee schedule - The PROMISe™ Outpatient Fee Schedule is available for download in the following formats: Excel, PDF, and Comma Delimited. This link will take you to the PROMISe™ website where you will be required to log in using your Provider ID and Password. Please note that the downloadable fee schedule is updated quarterly, with the most recent update having occurred September 25, 2014. Other changes may have been made to the fee schedule since that time and have not been captured on this downloadable update. For the most recent information related to the service you are providing, you may refer to the on-line fee schedule which is updated daily.

    Early Intervention 2011 Fee Schedule (Excel) – The fee schedule rates have been established for Infant/Toddler Early Intervention services. Please click-on State Sets Rates for Infant/Toddler Early Intervention Services (PDF) for the Early Intervention Program announcement EI #10-09 addressing the rates set.

    ACA Primary Care Services Fee for Service Fee Schedule - Statewide Average Office Rates 2013

    ACA Primary Care Services Fee Schedule – Statewide Mean Office Rates 2014

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