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  • 18,887 complaints received
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  • $17,340,900 saved
  • March 1, 2013 - February 28, 2014


    Facility Inspection Results

    The Department of Public Welfare works with facilities across the state who help us serve Pennsylvanians of all ages who require day-to-day care and support. To ensure the health and safety of residents and clients that these facilities serve, the department is responsible for licensing and inspecting each organization.  Typically each facility is inspected once a year, but if the department receives a complaint about a facility, department inspectors will investigate beyond the annual requirement. 

    Inspections are conducted using health and safety regulations that are designed to fit the type of client that each facility serves.  Facility regulations can be found on the PA Bulletin website.  Family members and concerned citizens are encouraged to explore licensing history of an organization prior to choosing that facility for a loved one. 

    Use the links below to review licensing information for the organization(s) that interests you. 

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